Sleep: It Is Necessary

We have many means to get us to that la la land of sweet dreams. Whether you are meditating or paying attention to your smart watch about your sleep all of it is at your finger tips to let your head rest. Continue counting sheep or read some tips on sleep.

Plantar Fasciitis

Ever step on a LEGO? OUCH!! No one likes foot pain. Are you one of the nearly two million people affected by Plantar Fasciitis? An annoying and sometimes debilitating condition that can be helped by massage, stretching, Kinesiotaping, and more. Here is some useful information and links.

Health & Wellness Coaching: part 3

Adult learners, there is always more to learn about yourself. Health and wellness coaching discovering with you the lifestyle choices that count.

Prepartum and Postpartum Massage

silhouette of pregnant woman

Pregnancy is beautiful but the discomfort can be challenging. Every baby is different and so are pregnancies. Read up on some possible challenges and how massage helps mamas to be and mamas after baby has arrived.

Office Massage

Desk work cramping your style? Causing bad postural habits? Over stressed and filled with anxiety? Melt it away and re-energize with office massage.

Weekend Warriors

CHEE-HOO! It’s the weekend/day off. Let’s do this! Stop the weekend warrior injuries with some basic tips. The attraction to be active is overwhelming on a sunny day off but be safe.

Massage Preparedness pt.2 : Basic Modalities

Learn the basic methods of massage. Modalities are the methods used to differentiate the between the kinds of massage. If anything ask question, it’s your experience you are paying for.