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Health & Wellness Coaching: Part 2

Lifestyle changes start with you! Explore lifestyle patterns with a Health and Wellness coach and see the possibilities for your life.

We all want a lifestyle that is productive and has the results we want out of our lives. It is up to each individual to make the conscious decision that they have control over these choices for a balanced lifestyle.
Challenges arise whether they are physical, emotional, environmental, and so on. Challenges yes but impossible to overcome unlikely. Challenges are addressed with your coach and can be worked through together.  The human body, mind, and spirit are amazing and resilient things we all need a little direction at times.
The first step is acknowledging the want and need for change. Finding the imbalances in our lifestyle in areas such as health and well being, family, friends, personal development/growth, significant other/romance, fun and recreation, physical environment, career, and money to name a few.
From the exploration of these areas together with your coach you are able to find areas which are of most concern for you. You then assess the readiness of change you have in these areas. Readiness for change can make or break the out come of further actions towards change.
The next step planning actions of change. These plans range from educating yourself, planning exercise or eating habits, keeping logs for sleep or food, to a diverse and open array of plans that you build with you coach. Remember this is your vision and plan you can explore options and create a map that will be successful for you to gain confidence to take further steps towards a positive change.

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