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Massage Preparedness

Massage what is this magic I haven’t experienced? Tell me more.

Are you prepared for your massage? Everyone has expectations or even hesitations about massage. Massage therapists want to help you achieve those goals within their scope of practice and clear up any misconceptions about massage therapy.  Massage therapists and clients can communicate and create a great experience together. No one wants to be distracted from the bodywork that we enjoy so in the next few blogs my intent is to help clear up some of the confusion, misconceptions, and clarify some aspects about your massage experience.

Where to start? Massage is welcomed and recognized for its benefits more and more. The variety of needs and wants for massage has also grown. But where do you start?

You’d be surprised at the number of people that have had or have not had a full body massage, or even a hand or foot massage.  There are those who visit once a week to those who make it an annual treat.

There are a variety of reasons why people get a massage and it is a massage therapist’s job to tailor the massage for their needs.  Where can you find these amazing people with a strong, gentle, and knowledgeable touch?  Luckily in this techie age we are able to see websites, ratings on businesses, locations, and other information at our finger tips.  If that is too much of a stab in the dark look to your family and peers for a referral.  Many massage therapists are old school and rely on referrals to fill their schedules. Massage therapists can be found at day spas, resorts, sports clinics, rehabilitation centers, fitness centers, even coming out of a neighbor’s house after or before a house call session.

Communicating with a massage therapist or an establishment can clarify if they are a fit for your needs.  You will also be surprised who is, was, or is training to be a massage therapist.  When it comes to choosing a massage therapist it is ultimately your preference; male or female, spa vs. home, oil/lotion or dry, the list can go on and on. Overall, make sure that there are lines of communication not only finding a massage therapist or setting up an appointment, but clarity of purpose and intention of the massage.


Photo by costanavarino