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Office Massage

Desk work cramping your style? Causing bad postural habits? Over stressed and filled with anxiety? Melt it away and re-energize with office massage.

Long hours spent at your desk, slowly sinking into your computer screen, and constantly shifting to get comfortable.

Let’s break up your day with a office massage to re-energize and reset the body and brain. Relax tense muscles in the shoulders, neck, back, arms, and hands. And getting some simple stretches to get the blood flow going and feeling limber to take on the rest of your day.

In a business environment and at corporate events, chair massage is the most common due to space limitations, but the use of a massage table can be used if there is a space available. Sessions usually lasting 10-30 min per client addressing the discomforts in the back and assisting in the relief from desk work. This quick pick me up is received fully clothed to make sessions convenient.

Chair massage is very flexible and can be done almost anywhere. Space needed can be a quiet corner away from the bustling office noise to a conference/break room not being used to provide a quieter area for deeper relaxation for the client. Preparation for the massage usually takes a few minutes to unfold the chair, sanitize, and double check space for movements around the chair. Then clients are welcomed to take a seat and begin their treatment.

The Padded Table recognizes the benefits of office massage and wants to assist you in implementing your own office massage regiment. The Padded Table will be giving the client which organizes and gains approval for their office to participate, a free 15 min massage and also the approving voice of the office will receive a free 15 min massage for the initial arrangements.

Pricing for office massage series:
12 clients for 10 min each: $132
8 clients for 15 min each: $120
9 clients for 20 min each: $165
6 clients for 30 min each: $160

Help workplace wellness through massage. Use office massage to decrease stress symptoms, reduce fatigue, anxiety, and depression, increase energy and productivity. Reward your office team for their hard work or book weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to keep your employees at their best.

Photo by gruntzooki