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Plantar Fasciitis

Ever step on a LEGO? OUCH!! No one likes foot pain. Are you one of the nearly two million people affected by Plantar Fasciitis? An annoying and sometimes debilitating condition that can be helped by massage, stretching, Kinesiotaping, and more. Here is some useful information and links.

Feeling a pain from your heel to the arch of your foot?  A common cause for a dull achy pain to a sharp and sometimes movement restrictive pain in this area of your foot is called Plantar Fasciitis.

Sounds like more Latin medical terminology. Basically the tissue called fascia surrounding muscles, organs, and most tissues in our body can tear or become restricted. In this case a fascia tear or restriction is found in the plantar or sole/bottom of the foot. This condition is treated nearly two million times a year.

Remedies for mild to medium discomforts in the foot can be done as self-care at home. Such remedies as stretching the area, compression, elevation, icing, and also my favorite icing with pressure. Taking a water bottle and freezing it then using it under the affected foot and rolling the icy bottle beneath your foot. This is a great way to ice and have control over pressure depending how sensitive the area is.

Massage treatments are common for assisting in stretching and alleviating discomfort. Remember that the body is connected so working only on the area of discomfort may not be as effective as working on the support tissues around the affected area. Always let your therapist know your pressure endurance in this area as a flare up may make it sensitive. Another treatment would be using elastic sports taping. Example of taping. This helps to stretch the foot and also help with circulation related to the fascia.

Seeking diagnosis from your medical team is suggested as there are other conditions related to the foot.

For more information about Plantar Fasciitis please see the following link to the Mayo Clinic. Plantar Fasciitis – Mayo Clinic


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