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Health & Wellness Coaching: part 3

Adult learners, there is always more to learn about yourself. Health and wellness coaching discovering with you the lifestyle choices that count.

Most clients who seek out health and wellness coaching are in the age range of 25-50. This age group is at a prime time to learn about “self”.  As an adult learner there are key principles which are relevant to building confidence for change.  One part  is about building up the adult psyche and gaining meaningful accountability.

Adult learners need to be effective communicators, become more self-sufficient, build agreements, acknowledge past and present successes and failures of behavior,  co-create action steps, be able to gain emotional freedom from anxiety, and chart a new course for their lifestyle patterns.

Adults need meaningful and relevant information about being self-sufficient, self-care, and self management. Recognizing what works best for you and acknowledging past and present experiences to help identify behaviors and attitudes that have worked, not worked, or have not yet been explored. Talking about your learning style will assist in determining what tools and skills need to be addressed or learned. Throughout your coaching experience, feedback from and to your coach will enhance your motivation and also give perspective on your new course of action.

Self-sufficiency, building agreements, and acknowledging past and present successes and failures of behavior are all parts of the natural wisdom in each of us. Recognizing these different aspects of self and the strength which is required to build these areas will allow for natural creativeness to overcome these challenges.

Co-creating action steps can be a creative outlet to explore what will come next.  Not all steps need to be established right away but at least 2-3 aspect of change should be acted upon. Coaches will dig deep with you to determine how ready you are for change and appropriate areas to expedite new learned behaviors for lasting change. Some examples of small changes include changing a sleep pattern, drinking less soda and more water, going for a walk, even researching other interests to prepare for the next action steps. It can be as elaborate or simple as needed. No pressure, it is all about you and what you are motivated to take on.

Gaining freedom from anxiety. In many cases clients feel as though they are going through the motions with their coach in order to “please” them.  The reality is that coaches are your guide/assistant through your process of change. They are providing a learning environment free from judgement and expectations. Coaches are present minded with you and want to help you find your motivation to take control of what direction you’d like your life to go. Being open and honest with yourself first will secure more freedom from anxiety. All the work that is done away from your coaching sessions is your work. Just like at work  what you put in will determine your results. Your coach is there to give some perspective into positive outcomes but, you are in control of the direction.

As an adult learner you control how you envision your life. Coaches are available to start the conversation, assist in reviewing your readiness for change, receive and give feedback, be open and honest about your expectations. With your coach you can effectively explore your values and motivations for change. They will of course be a part of your support system as you grow from these new lifestyle patterns.

Step out of your comfort zone and start getting the results you deserve.

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